With IBM's shared ledger capabilities, you can work with Tech Data to put your customers at the heart of a global digital innovation.

What is IBM Blockchain?

Powered by the Hyperledger Project, IBM contributes to a cross-industry, collaborative effort to standardise blockchains for businesses. IBM Blockchain is a shared, immutable ledger that will help your customers to record transactions they make within their business network.

IBM Blockchain digitises transactional workflows, allowing your customers to make transactions more smoothly, more safely and more efficiently. Built from the ground up, you can help your customers to drive new business models while remaining compliant to their regulatory requirements.

What are the business benefits?

Position yourself as a trusted advisor by working in partnership with Tech Data to deliver IBM Blockchain. We can give you access to industry and process expertise and insights from Blockchain's community. Secure your customer’s transactions, establish accountability of membership and build trust as the foundation of your customer relationships.

Our team of IBM experts have a deep understanding of what it takes to drive new business models in highly regulated industries. With unmatched security expertise in IBM solutions, we help you to identify and deliver the right blockchain network for your customers - whether they're in finance, healthcare, government, supply chain or manufacturing.


Blockchain in 3 minutes

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Watch Blockchain in action

Watch a sample supply chain process between multiple parties using IBM Blockchain

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