Integrate your customer’s storage monitoring, automation and analytics and improve their application performance with IBM Spectrum Control.

What is IBM Spectrum Control and how can you sell it?

A comprehensive solution for your customer’s multi-vendor environments, IBM Spectrum simplifies data storage and management. Whether environments are on-premise or cloud based, it consolidates file, object, flash and software-defined storage with one console.

Position yourself as a trusted advisor with IBM and Tech Data and reduce your customer’s operational and storage costs. Improve the performance of their next generation applications and continue to support their traditional, existing ones.

So what are the benefits of IBM Spectrum Control?

Improved management

Bring together storage monitoring, automation and analytics for your customers. Give them better visibility of their storage’s performance, capacity and available. With dashboards and custom reporting capabilities, IBM Spectrum Control gives your customers oversight of issues, risks and the possibility to add more storage.

Predictive analytics

Businesses are growing and your customer’s data demands are increasing even faster. Keeping storage optimised is crucial for balanced workloads within storage tiers and the ability to understand and define capacity requirements. IBM Spectrum Control uses predictive analytics to help your customers make the right change, at the right time.

Better storage provisioning

With templates and optimised interfaces that can easily used by a variety of software users, storage provisioning is simplified and standardised. This empowers your customers to quickly establish the storage capacity and availability they need to do their jobs successfully. IBM Spectrum Control helps your customers to configure storage from a single interface.

Flexible deployments

Whatever your customer’s size, environment or budget, IBM Spectrum Control will be available to them. Whether they need an on-premise or cloud based solution, your customers can work with IBM to manage performance, availability and capacity utilisation for their storage.

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