Meet your customer’s spikes in demands, in real-time, with high performance computing.

Making every workload high performance with IBM and Tech Data

Tech Data have built a strong relationship with IBM to deliver high performance with IBM OpenPOWER and NVIDIA. We’ll give you insights from IBM experts so you can create the opportunity to differentiate yourself in the market and generate higher margins.

The cost of a HPC rack has traditionally been prohibitive, however your customers increasingly need lightning-fast query response time for mission critical use cases. We work with you to deliver on this demand so your customers have the capability for high performance computing whatever their requirement, from 3D printing to marketing analytics.

3D profit for a 3D world

The virtual world is catching up with the real world. New 3D workloads in industries like architecture, biotech, engineering, gaming, health, manufacturing, media and research are compute intensive.

So, IBM has launched the Power System S822LC for High Performance Computing, a first to market collaboration with OpenPOWER and NVIDIA that performs nearly 3x faster than x86.

Want to be first to market with this unique offering? With 33% more margin than x86 equivalents and a heavily invested go to market programme available through Tech Data, what better time to add high performing profit streams to your portfolio?

So what are IBM’s HPC products?

  • Power System S822LC
  • IBM Elastic Storage Server
  • IBM Power System S812L and S822L
  • IBM Power System S824L

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