Gain a regular, predictable HP revenue stream by moving customers to a subscription plan.

What is Tech-as-a-Service?

Tech-as-a-Service is a subscription plan that bundles together hardware, software, and services into a single contract. It gives customers the latest HP equipment and services via a simple, low-cost monthly or quarterly payment plan. With no large fees up front, it converts CapEx to OpEx for the customer, enabling sustainable, long-term investment.

Reseller Benefits

As a reseller, the benefits to providing Tech-as-a-Service are clear:

  • Margin – Improve your margin on HP products by choosing how much to add
  • Cashflow – With Tech-as-a-Service, you’re paid as soon as the customer takes delivery
  • Attach – Sell more HP content and services more often with increased refresh opportunities
  • Differentiate – Stand out as a full HP solutions provider, with hardware, software, training, support and more
  • Retain – Create customers for life through flexible contracts offering the latest HP tech

Business benefits

Tech-as-a-Service transforms the way technology is procured, improving margins, shortening technology refresh cycles, and selling more services than ever before. Use it to enable you to create long-term, sustainable relationships with customers for life.

Tech-as-a-Service will differentiate your business in an overcrowded market. It means you can always deliver an exceptional service and the widest range of the latest technology to customers with even the tightest IT and budget requirements.

  • Greater Profitability – As a reseller, make upwards of 10% margin on subscription compared to 2% per capital expenditure deal
  • Newer Technology, More Often – Refresh rates of as little as six months makes for an ongoing dialogue with the customer
  • Streamlined Sales Process – Get from quote to contract in just 2 days

How to get involved

Taking advantage of the huge benefits of Tech-as-a-Service couldn’t be simpler:

Step 1

Build your basket on InTouch (, and click on the Tech-as-a-Servicequote button

Step 2

Add your chosen margin to the hardware as well as any other service to maximise the opportunity with the customer

Step 3

Download your customer-friendly PDF quote. Once your customer approves, submit their details on the portal

Step 4

Your customer will automatically be underwritten, so expect the decision within seconds

Step 5

Your customer can e-sign a subscription agreement, leaving you to order and deliver the equipment, and take advantage of any bid or special pricing

Most importantly, once delivered, you’ll be paid straight away.

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