Trade in and trade up with Tech Data

Increase your profits and provide a comprehensive lifecycle management solution for your customers with two of Tech Data’s leading programmes.


Tech-as-a-Service is a comprehensive, flexible solution that bundles hardware, software and services into a single subscription price for your customers. Tech-as-a-Service enables you – the reseller – to increase your profit while enabling your customers to afford the best and make their budgets go further.

By transforming the way in which you procure technology, you can improve your margins, shorten technology refresh cycles, and sell more services than ever before.

Tech-as-a-Service will differentiate your business in an overcrowded market, empowering you to meet your customer’s IT and budget requirements, so you can always deliver an exceptional service.

Tech Data Renew

Tech Data Renew takes the complexity out of smartphone and tablet trade in, delivering a better customer experience whilst enabling resellers, retailers, dealers and operators to uncover more profit. The process is straight forward and enables you to help your customers refresh their products.

Tech Data Renew handles the entire process, from real-time quoting for single or multiple devices – to order tracking, secure shipping and guaranteed data erasure.

David Nelson, Services Director, Tech Data UK says the programme is “a great way to deliver a better customer experience”.

Here’s the step by step process of how Tech Data Renew and Tech-as-a-Service can be used effectively:

  1. Customer has 200 older generation smartphones or tablets and needs a product refresh
  2. Through the Tech Data Renew programme the customer can trade in their old smartphones or tablets and (providing they are in reasonable condition) they can receive big savings for their trade-in.
  3. The customer can now purchase their new smartphones and tablets, and as they have decided on purchasing via a 2-year Tech-as-a-Service subscription plan, they are going to pay a low monthly payment, giving them amazing savings.
  4. 2 years later…The customers and their reseller receive notifications that their subscription is ending soon- with time to trade in their old smartphones and tablets and refresh their subscription with the latest and greatest new products.